10.24.12 – ‘Psychedelic Appalachia”

On Wednesday, October 24th, the Dream Oven is proud to host Daniel Bachman on his US tour in support of his new album Seven Pines released this month on Tompkins Square. Fresh off a month long tour in Europe, Bachman will bring all the mesmeric tones of the American Primitive, finger picking guitar chords through a dream-laden atmosphere he describes as the psychedelic appalachia. Providing support is East Kensington blues master Chris Forsyth, and 60s garage rock shredders Birds of Maya.

with music performances by:
DANIEL BACHMAN (from Fredericksburg, VA, Tompkins Square Records)
CHRIS FORSYTH (Northern Spy Records)
BIRDS OF MAYA (Richie Records)

$5-7 donations for the touring bands.
Read an interview with Daniel Bachman by Elliott Sharp [THE KEY]

DANIEL BACHMAN (from Philly/Fredericksburg, VA, Tompkins Square Records) fresh off his European tour in September, Daniel returns to fingerpick his Philadelphia fans into a surreal rapture on a US tour in support of his new release on Tompkins Square Records. “Seven Pines, the highlight from young acoustic guitarist Daniel Bachman’s debut LP, opens quietly as he winds through his licks with the slow sort of reverie suited for an early fall afternoon. But this is a tune of steady escalation, where the sounds pile upon each other in deliberate phases. The process creates a strangely meditative tension, causing the listener to wait anxiously for the next elaborate gesture but allowing time to revel in the quality and crispness of Bachman’s playing, too. But Bachman knows that any good resolution requires a denouement: After the strings reach their most feverish whir, Bachman eases off again, settling into the same drift that set up the plot in the first place. Thanks to a geographical kinship, Bachman– a Virginia native who wrote his debut record in Philadelphia– will likely soon tire of comparisons to Jack Rose, the late guitarist who also called both of those places home. Given the strength of this audacious piece, however, he’s starting to earn them.”

CHRIS FORSYTH (from Philly, Northern Spy Records) “his resonant, incisive sound is a cosmic abstraction of the American guitar tradition, reducing blues, rock, folk and improvisation into their spare, hypnotic base elements”. His new release Kenzo Deluxe really drives true the heart and soul of the blues of East Kensington especially on Boston Street.

BIRDS OF MAYA (from Philly, Richie Records) “did what countless garage rock geeks try and fail at: dust off 1968 and bring it back to life without making it look like a museum piece. Bringing on the best of 60s power trios like Hendrix and Cream, a whiff of Blue Cheer’s bongwater, Black Sabbath’s bass heavy paranoia, and Stooges bum-out, they were sloppy in all the right places. The jamming never got tired and held everyone’s rapt attention.”

doors will open around 7pm. music starts at 7:30pm
$5-7 donations for touring bands
Bring dollar bills for PBC’s best brews
event is hosted by Little Berlin Gallery. Be respectful to the art.
dream exhibition will begin somewhat promptly.
join us for an evening of stoned out bliss.

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