3.9.2013 “Ritualized Transformations”


The New World has been born, now it is time for it to get even weirder. On Saturday, March 9th, Plato’s Porno Cave will be hosting three shamanic travelers from the Garbage World of Chicago. Co-curated by Eileen Lillian Doyle and hosted in spirit by Gertie Garbage, this is likely to be a mesmerizing evolution in magic and wonder as our newly founded shamans Ishtar Bukakke and Elena round out the evening with the surreal.

Plato’s Porno Cave presents:

Ritualized Transformations

SATURDAY March 9 8PM – 1AM

little berlin gallery
2430 Coral Street, Philadelphia 19125



Antibody Corporation

“Eris” by Antibody Corporation

Adam Rose is the Artistic Director of Antibody Corporation, a non-profit organization specializing in mind-body and occult research. Since its founding in 2009, Antibody has presented research findings in a variety of media including performance, video, and text. Adam performs as his anima Elena. His dance style takes a lot of influences from Butoh, which maps movements from the subconscious, and Artaud’s “Theatre of Cruelty”. [WEBSITE]



Jose Hernandez is an interdisciplinary artist, dancer, and witch. His work explores apocalyptic futures and its affect on the human conditions, faith, fantasy and sexual desires. The performances often blur the lines between ceremony, ritual, dance, theater, and butoh. Jose often performs as his shamanic doppelganger Ishtar Bukkake.
His name is derived from the Babylonian goddess of sex/death and a Japanese ritual sex act. As Ishtar s/he can be seen performing in clubs, muddy basements, and various underground venues throughout America. [WEBSITE]





“Sad to say, not even one sub-quartier of the 20 Jazz Funk Greats mechanism has actually visited the windiest city, certainly not the rougher part of its liniage so we cannot elaborate upon the subject matter of U-lock In My Hand. We don’t know very much about Gel Set either, only that she’s a vision a gun toting, mace wielding armour-clad High Places patrolling the ghettos of ethereal indie pop with the scarred grimace of Snake Plisken.” [WEBSITE]


(Puppet-TYR·an·ny) is a collaborative collective of young performers, musicians, puppeteers, friends and wrongdoers all slapped together from various corners of this country in Philadelphia’s Kensignton Neighborhood. They seek to misguide and aggravate, as well as induce the shaking of the hips and the fists. Whimsy and Melancholy, marinated with craftiness and multimedia-ness, all in a soft shell taco.


a pop-up shop of surreal proportions with the intent to make viewers float. [WEBSITE]

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