March 2nd-24th 2012 at little berlin
OPENING on First Friday – March 2, 6-9PM

A semi-secretive mass public exhibition of rapidly-distributed hidden flash drives containing downloadable exhibitions. Curatorial members of Little Berlin along with other Philadelphia galleries, collectives, artists, hackers and members of the public are invited to embed USB flash drives known as ‘dead drops’ in public locations such as walls, phone booths and staircases. The drives’ contents can include photos, video, text or other items and will be listed online at Little Berlin’s website, in addition to the deaddrops.com database.

D R I V E S curated by little berlin members: Alana Bograd, Angela McQuillan, Tyler Kline, Kelani Nichole & Lee Tusman, along with Sean Stoops,  extraextra,  Girard Hall, Data Garden, gli.tc/h + many more…

A full and complete listing of the artists and collectives involved will be exhibited at Little Berlin’s exhibition space at the Viking Mills building. Throughout the month of March, Little Berlin will be holding related programs including performances, glitch symposia, and a DIY dead drop-building workshop.

OPEN CALL: How to Participate

Little Berlin invites those interested in participating in the exhibit to curate themselves into the show! Participants are invited to:


  1. visit DeadDrops.com for info on how to make your own drive.
  2. Invite artists and put their work (pdfs, jpegs, mpegs, txt, etc) on your hard drive
  3. install your drive somewhere in Philadelphia
  4. upload photos and location info to the DeadDrops Database
  5. Send your name, location of drive, list of artists, a title for your dead drop, and a 1 – 3 sentence description of the drive’s contents to berlin.little@gmail.com.

- and/0r – B R I N G your own B E A M E R

Bring a projector and a laptop or dvd player and beam your own artwork images or videos in a wild free-for-all for one night only. A format created by Rafaël Rozendaal, more info at http://www.byobworldwide.com/

DEADLINE: Please have your drive installed and/or info sent to us by February 23rd to be sure you are included in the exhibit.  All participants and artists will be listed on Little Berlin’s website as well as on gallery maps and in the gallery.

BYOBeamer Philadelphia | 03.02.2012 6-11PM

Given the distributed nature of the exhibit, little berlin will host a BYOBeamer event in the gallery during the opening.  Artists in the show, along with additional participants are invited to bring a projector and beam their work in the space for one evening only.

Join us during the opening for an evening of data visuals, motion graphics, motion-capture, video, music and MORE.  A full map of all drives in the exhibition will be available in the gallery and online.


DIY Dead Drops Workshop | 03.10.2012 2-4PM

From DeadDrops.com ‘Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space.

Not sure how to make a dead drop? Bring a flash drive (and a laptop if you have one). We’ll install files on the drive, hack it open, go on a scouting mission, embed them in public locations, and then document our efforts. Fun for everyone!  FREE, all ages.  Workshop will be held at little berlin gallery at the Viking Mill

MUSIC with DATAGARDEN |  03.17.2012 7-11PM

An evening of electronics and music, presented by DataGarden: a conceptual celebration of sound and sights inside the gallery.  Full lineup coming soon!

Data Garden is a journal, record label and events producer encouraging the discovery of electronic music through the windows of history, science and community. Read More at DataGarden.org

LiTTle GLI.TC/Hes |  03.24.2012 7-11PM

LiTTle GLI.TC/Hes is a dirty/glitch/new media salon nite featuring noise & new media practitioners showing off internet art, web galleries, vj’ing skills, and moving gif projections, and oh what the heck, a roundtable discussion. Featuring participants from around the webisphere including visiting artists from The Art Institute of Chicago.