The Dream Oven: A Retrospective


For the last three years, the Dream Oven has booked a series of psychedelic happenings at Little Berlin. What started as a DIY house venue in 2011 catering to Philadelphia’s dream punks quickly expanded into a whole world of surreal rapture. But all things come to an end or at least go on hiatus, and as its creator, Marshall James Kavanaugh, embarks on a cross country vision quest he leaves behind a experiential legacy that may take a while to resurface. In the meantime, Kavanaugh has left Little Berlin with a little present. His entire art collection, collected under the roof of the Dream Oven and on display in full dream salon style has been re-imagined in the Little Berlin bathroom (a feat of Dalinian absurdity). This collection features works of various Philadelphia artists, as well as some others that Kavanaugh encountered on his many travels. In an effort to recreate the vibe found in his original homestay, all the magic, essence, and dream catchers have been hung for your enjoyment. There will also be a video reel of the many performances at The Dream Oven in both its locations. Through this bathroom exhibition, it is hoped the audience is delivered through the memories and history of this ecstatic peace.

On display: September 2014-January 2015
Soft opening: Saturday, September 13th, 6pm-10pm.
online dream exhibition here:



Little Berlin Presents: Floorplan

Opening Reception on August 9th

6:00 pm – 12:00 am

Curated by Eric Danger Clark


Floorplan brings together four artists taking up the challenge of moving their work from the pristine white walls of standard gallery fair to the dusty concrete floor under our feet.  John Mitchell, Gene-Anthony Santiago Holt, Tom Pontone and Andrew Grasso will dare to put their works among precarious objects located among the art for viewers to clamber on to get better vantage points.  The show opens at 6pm august 9th with open hours over the course of the month of August.

Featured artists:

John Mitchell

Gene-Anthony Santiago Holt

Tom Pontone

Andrew Grasso