Kevin McNamee-Tweed: Books

Kevin McNamee-Tweed: Books

August 1, 2014 6pm – 11pm
Part of First Friday events
Little Berlin Annex, Philadelphia, PA

An ongoing series of drawings of fake books. This project was first presented at Co-Lab Projects in Austin, Texas in June of 2014, where the work was displayed in a fake bookstore setting with a dark walnut-colored bookseller’s counter built by the artist, real hanging plants, fake flyers and ephemera often found at used bookstores, and other real bookstore clichés.

A publication of the complete collection of book drawings is forthcoming from Molasses Books (NY), Farewell Bookstore (Austin), and Raw Paw (Austin) in partnership with the artist.

Kevin McNamee-Tweed is an artist and curator based in Austin, Texas. From North Carolina, he graduated from NYU in 2008. His last full scale solo exhibition, Rocks, won the Austin Critics Table Award for Best Solo Exhibition in 2012-2013. He now works as Exhibition Curator at Austin-based arts organization Big Medium. His parents were both born and raised in Philadelphia.

Saturday August 2, 2014
Gallery Hours 12pm – 5pm

7.29.2014 Weird rajas and astral blues

7.29.2014 Weird rajas and astral blues

Join us on Tuesday, July 29th for some weird psychedelic folk and trippy blues. The Dream Oven continues its music series with some exciting sounds and mind altering soundscapes.

with musical performances by:

CRAIG HENDRIX (of Auctioneer from Philly)
THE HUMMINBIRD (from Chicago, Illinois)
and ANDREW GALATI (from Philly)

$5-10 donations will go towards the bands

little berlin gallery
2430 Coral Street, Philadelphia 19125

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