Location Little Berlin’s Annex
Date November 22 at 8PM

Anyone can BYOB
Anyone can watch

Day de Dada (
Andrew Cameron Zahn (http://www.http/://
Tyler Kline (
Emma Branson (


Little Berlin is pleased to announce Philadelphia’s third BYOB. This is a one night event for anyone to bring their own projectors (LCD, overhead, slide, DIY). For this BYOB, there are four featured artists (Day de Dada, Andrew Cameron Zahn, Tyler Kiline, Emma Branson), and there will be space for anyone to project and/or watch throughout the night. The event is free and open to the public. Blacklight specials will be available for donations that go towards The Annex’s mission to provide a platform for weekly screenings, lectures, art critiques, and to house our zine library with a reading area.

BYOB was founded by Rafaël Rozendaal ( in 2010 and has become a global phenomenon.

Day de Dada is a cooperative of performance artists based in Staten Island, NY. They have a mission to keep the Dadaist spirit alive with installations, music, noise, and performances that they bring to schools, galleries, and festivals. Main collaborative group is Vivian Vassar and Mary Campbell, and projects have included students, teachers, and artists from across the Tri-state area and Europe.

Andrew Cameron Zahn is a new media curator/artist/designer based in Philadelphia. His work is inspired by the intersection of nature and technology, and he uses generative digital and new media processes to create new ways of visualizing data, information, and form. Through multiple systems to build interactive installations, sculptures, and prints, he constantly reprocesses and reinterprets the world around him. Zahn’s work straddles the line between art, design, and performance and investigates the interstitial spaces between disciplines.
In 2014, Zahn opened CRUXspace, Philadelphia’s only New Media art gallery.

Tyler Kline is multidisciplinary artists who utilizes performance, painting, sculpture, and printmaking to investigate the porous boundaries between each form. He has shown and curated extensively in Philadelphia.

Emma Branson works with video, found visuals and audio, and sculptural practices to mutate “commonplace” tropes in order to subvert their meanings.

T O N I G H T : Are We Sexting?


Amanda V. Wagner presents her project Are We Sexting? Coordinated by Lucas Leyden at Little Berlin. This multimedia show centers around sexuality specifically through the media of mobile messaging and picture sharing. Sexting—defined by the Urban Dictionary—is the “act of text messaging someone in the hopes of having a sexual encounter with them later; initially casual, transitioning into highly suggestive and even sexually explicit.” One of the more sexually explicit variations of sexting is texting a nude. This project asks women to submit for the sake of submission in the absence of critique, and asks us to obtain validation from the experience of participation.

The night will feature a large format photo collage of all the submissions received as well as a Speed Symposium featuring Manon Mavavit, Andrew Cameron Zahn, Dan Pasternack, and Amanda V. Wagner. Plus video art work by BARBARISM which explore and question perceived norms of sexuality. Music by fade sunshine (

This one night only event will be held on Friday November 14, 2014 beginning at 6pm inside the Annex at Little Berlin.

To read Amanda’s full article on AWS? check out here.